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 MAA  is an Indian-based company founded in 2014 by Mrs Kamini Mukherjee to meet the challenging demands of today’s young generation. We provide skill development programs for children of the age group 5 – 14 years, which focuses on improving essential learning skills.

Mission & Vision

  • To become the first choice children’s development organization in India.

  • Developing socialable,Intellectual & progressive children.

  • Impart knowledge with dedication, integrity and responsibility.

  • Discover the genius within children and unleash their latent talents.

  • By improving listening capability, and to think imaginatively.

  • Provide the ability in children to calculate arithmetic operations, mentally.

  • Involve the parents in the child’s progress.

  • Provide accelerated and enriched training for Course Instructors to maintain quality levels in children.

  • Sharing Growth with all our Center Operators.

  • For entrepreneurs a unique business opportunity that offers good returns on their investments.

  • To provide educational programs that help to optimize children’s mental potential.

  • Help unleash the hidden potential of children and thereby help build a promising tomorrow for the Nation.

  • Our mission is help society by developing kids with active and creative minds, hereby helping them excel in every phase of their life and in every situation

  • We exist to make a difference nationally in a sustainable manner by creating and delivering world-class programmes, that significantly impact the mental potential of children.


  • Competent, Trained, Certified & Committed Instructors

  • World’s Latest Kids-Friendly Syllabus

  • Certification after every level

  • Quality Assessment through Regional & National Competitions

  • Comprehensive training for all levels

  • Stringent Quality Policies

  • Strong backend support

  • Low franchisee fee

  • Child Centric Course Modules

  • Low operating expenses

  • Continuous improvements in syllabus based on feedbacks

  • Professional and user friendly content in course books

  • Marketing support and assistance to the franchises.